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Digital Transformation

i-Connectresources offers a gamut of services and solutions that can aid the digital transformation of your company to drive innovation and growth.

Our digital transformation services help you drive a digital change agenda and future-proof your technology landscape, delivering compelling experiences and implementing a modern digital backbone.

Our digital transformation experts understand your operating models and match them with the best practices of the industry. Our solutions can help you transform the customers and the employee experience.

Our digital transformation services include

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Transformation Consulting

Strengthen short-term performance and maintain sustainable long-term improvement by analyzing your company’s tech infrastructure and processes

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Mobile, Web and
Desktop App Development

For each type of app development, our experts have digital skills and a mindset that take your project to the next level

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of Legacy Products and Apps

Envision advanced possibilities with our legacy modernization services by upgrading outdated systems and troubleshooting issues in real-time

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Consulting and Automation

Improve your business and operational processes by automating all manual processes with implementation of the right technologies

Success Story

Are you facing IT challenges like outdated infrastructure, costly maintenance, and multiple devices hampering your organization’s productivity and patient care? Discover how i-Connectresources helped the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (OSUWMC) transform their operations and achieve outstanding results.


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Digital Transformation Engagement Model


Current State Analysis/ Assessment

i-Connectresources experts conduct a comprehensive digital maturity analysis using workshops, IT landscape assessments, and custom-built questionnaires to identify areas for improvement.


 A comprehensive digital transformation plan is arrived at keeping in mind business as well as IT goals and priorities, using design thinking, customer journeys, business architecture, technology/data reference models, and more.


We offer target architecture, business case, program roadmap, and IT landscape redesign services to help you execute your digital transformation strategy.

Implement/ Customize

Our precision-planned program governance/management, with MVP/pilot initiatives, agile and DevOps, and change management services help implement the digital transformation plan with minimum disruption and for maximum impact.

Ongoing Support

Our support team works in close coordination with your business and IT operations teams to optimize and scale the benefits of digital transformation across your organisation. We help manage the new digital infrastructure and applications that have been implemented to ensure you continue to unlock maximum value from your investments.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation solutions can transform your company’s workflow. 

i-Connectresources’ Automation services portfolio goes beyond just automating your day-to-day tasks and processes. We create intelligent solutions that address complex workflow inefficiencies and connect multiple processes across your enterprise.

Our automation consulting service begins with an in-depth assessment of your business processes and workflows. After careful analysis, and in close collaboration with internal stakeholders, we help you develop a strategic roadmap for your automation journey. 

We also provide automation implementation services, analyzing and identifying processes that are eligible for automation, and designing and developing them. The careful selection of business processes that will go through the automation workflow journey is an important step in the journey. Our experts will then optimize and streamline workflows, design bot processes, develop, test, and implement automation solutions.

Our support team works in close coordination with your business to optimize and scale the benefits of automation across your organisation. We help manage your automation journey, from continuous improvement to tracking the progress of completed implementations, measuring and validating results of the deployment, and scaling automation across the enterprise.

Automation Engagement Model

Our Automation Engagement Model consists of four steps

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Feasibility / Assessment

With an initial review of your business process, we evaluate the level of automation needed and determine how it can be deployed

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Upon evaluation, we prepare a robust design for implementing the process to address the business requirement

Implementation and

We engineer the automation solution, customize it and thoroughly test its efficiency for performing the operations

Monitoring and

We continuously monitor and analyze the automation solution to identify and implement areas of improvement

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